Friday, June 27, 2003

Marc-Vivien Foe and Charlie's Angels

Marc-Vivien Foe collapses and dies during a match from a heart attack. He was only 28 yrs old. When I heard the news, I was shocked. He's a pretty big name, one of Cameroon's finest. RIP.

just came back from charlie's angels 2: full throttle... it's worse than the 1st one... this one is just a 90 minute MTV video clip... no wonder, considering the fact that director McG used to make mtv video clips... it's full of mtv music and also music references... i'll try to list them:
* dylan's t-shirts are usually 80s hair metal bands (ac/dc, judas priest) and used to listen to heavy metal (bon jovi)
* dylan had david bowie's make up from aladdin sane's cover when she was wrestling
* among the things that dylan left in the box was a best of beatles LP (the red one)
* pink making an appearance as motocross bitch, in real life, pink's boyfriend is corey hart - motocross champion
* eve made a cameo appearance
* max was hidden in south central, along with the dre & snoop soundtrack
and there was a bunch of other pop-cultural references... i'll remember them if i want to... thing is, the movie sucked...


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