Saturday, July 26, 2003

friday @ paleo.

i was pretty tired for this day, but with the cardigans and travis coming up, i felt energized. it was much fun, because those badns are easy listening bands and they were able to liven up their concerts really good. as usual i ended up wasted, but had no problems going home.

the cardigans - the decoration was really nice. it looked as if they were playing in the living room of this huge castle. it had all the chandeliers and lamps and carpets etc. nina persson is lovely. her voice is amazing. it's one of those voices that is thin but manage to give that 'innocent' feeling on songs like lovefool. they played much of their good stuff and new stuff. no carnival though. the only minus point was the guitarist. he looked as if he came straight from the set of almost famous, but when he had a solo, it was usually only 3 notes. even i can play that.

travis - with a new album coming out, travis was doing their new stuff, but not forgetting their old stuff. fran healy really likes to talk, although he did have some problems with his ear-piece monitor. dougie payne also looked like talking, but i guess he has to keep it a bit lower than fran. their new stuff rocked, sometimes they don't sound like travis. but some new songs were typically travis. unfortunately it didn't rain when they played why does it always rain on me, so i guess the curse has been lifted. they didn't play flowers though...

all in all a good night. next up sunday, athlete and r.e.m.


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