Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Paleo, Tuesday

It has started, the biggest music festival in Switzerland. Over 200,000 people will flock to Nyon to watch big stars perform from Tuesday 22nd until Sunday 27th. Me, being a pop cultural nut, will be there on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Tuesday was good! It took us a while to get there with the traffic jams and all, but made it in time before the thunderstorm. Rain was pouring down as if there was no tomorrow! Anyway, the rain helped a bit, because it has been so dry before. Food is excellent and I would recommend Paprika. Tasty Indian food. And plenty of alcohol to drown your food with afterwards.

Supergrass - At one point in time, Gaz Coombes' sideburns was the fashion. That was about 30 years ago, and that is how old Gaz is. Anyway, they had problems with the sound. The electricity even went off for about 5 seconds during their second song and of course this interrupted their mood. The drummer had al sort of problems with his drumkit, the drum techie having to adjust everything. Oh, and that drummer must be deaf, having two huge monitors just at his ears. Supergrass played their hits except for Alright, because honestly, last night they were not alright at all. They're not even young, free, or have clean teeth.

Asian Dub Foundation - I've heard this name everywhere, but I never actually heard any of their songs. I know that this is a British band filled with Asians (mostly from Indian heritage), so it makes sense that they are underground and leftist. It turned out that the music was amazing, mixing up traditional Indian music with dub, a bit of ska, a bit of hiphop, a bit of rock, and some more, making the crowd go crazy. It was really good and signing of with a political statement just increased their number of fans.

Massive Attack - The highlight of Tuesday. I saw them before in Lyon for the same concert so I was expecting more or less the same. I wasn't expecting the huge screen though, but they managed to put it up on stage. Last time in Lyon I was a bit far and couldn't see the stage, but this time I had a clear view. The music was still amazing, especially with Angel's bassline following my heartbeat. And form the screen I found out that in between Lyon and Nyon they went to several other places including Werchter, Roskilde, Italy, Moscow, Riga, etc etc etc. Loved their concert!

Back again on Wednesday...


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