Monday, July 28, 2003

sunday @ paleo

it's the last day of paleo. after 5 days of music, sun, drinks, smoke, partying, today should be a finale of a grande festival. however, the weather decided to make a small change. after months of hot sun, on sunday it started raining. and not just normal rain, it was pouring water by the buckets on to the ground. i was unfortunate doing some sports outside when it rained. first we thought that it'll go away soon and that the skies will clear up. how wrong we were. it rained and rained and rained. it finally stopped around 8pm. paleo turned into a small mud festival but people were still anxious to see some fireworks and r.e.m. of course.

athlete - i was really looking forward to see athlete. a nice british band, sounding a bit like coldplay. i've been playing their cd over and over again to get in the mood. can you imagine how gutted i was when i came to paleo at 8pm, reading a sign saying that due to rain athlete has been moved to 5pm??? why didn't they say that on friday when i was there??? aaaaarrrggghhh!!! so instead of watching 76-year old ibrahim ferrer do some cuban music, i resorted to the rugby bar.

r.e.m. - that leaves me only to watch r.e.m. they came out after the fireworks and i can't think of a better band to end such a festival. michael stipe is more of an entertainer than i thought he would be. mike mills also has the rock star character in him and he seems to be enjoying every minute spent with michael stipe. peter buck on the other hand is the quite one. they played old songs (80's irs years) and new songs from their forthcoming album. the crowd was loving every minute of it. they were supposed to play for 1 and a half hour, but they continued for another 30 minutes. and what better way to end a concert (and a festival) with "it's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine"??

today might be the end of the world, but i do feel fine...


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