Tuesday, August 19, 2003

it was a lonely lonely weekend... the only weekend i was more lonely was when i first came here about 4 years ago... friday after work i tried calling up people... i ended up going to my local after sitting restlessly at home by myself... had a drink, talked a bit, played some music, then home... no real conversation, no jokes, nothing... luckily saturday i managed to get hold of some people so we went out for a drink... but sunday was another lonely day, just watching chelsea vs liverpool at the pub... watching football in the pub is a good thing to do when you're alone, cause it doesn't really matter if you're with somebody, you'll be focused 100% on the game anyways... it's just the 15 minutes in between...

there are some viruses going on and it attacks corporate networks etc... so a good reason not to work...

58 years of independence... independent from what?????


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