Thursday, August 07, 2003

Phone booth

Went to see phone booth yesterday... It's a nice movie... Colin Farrell plays Stu, who is this hotshot PR guy and gets stuck in a phone booth while some guy is playing with his life via a telephone... Who is the bad guy here? Is it Stu, who tries to cheat on his wife, who lies to people, who is practically a 'fake'? Or is it the madman holding Stu hostage in the phone booth?

Just like Se7en, this movie, this movie tries to draw a thick line between black and white. But this is 2003 and New York. Everybody is a fake. Everybody lies. And if you are presented with Katie Holmes, of course you want to cheat on your wife. So why did he pick Stu and not Bush or any other congress member? Picking Stu doesn't get his message out in the world.

It's entertaining and the plot is pretty easy. It's just that I don't get what the bad guy wants and why. Anybody could have picked up that phone. And if you want to be a real criminal, don't go all Oprah on somebody. Just kick the guy in the ass.


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