Monday, August 11, 2003

Remember this band: Vega4. I just got their album and they're really good. It's a mix of Coldplay, Radiohead (circa The Bends), and a bit The Verve. Some of the songs are just happy uplifting songs. I saw this CD a couple of months ago but hesitated. Then I read a review in Q and I just went out and bought it without even listening to it. I love when things like that happens, getting a great album unexpected.

Another on I really like right now is Brendan Benson. A simple singer-songwriter, he puts a lot of emotions in his songs. Some songs are simple, some are really deep. I just love metarie. Not a lot of songs can capture that sense of rejection. Brendan Benson already has captured the music industry. Jack White mentioned him as his favourite singer. And his album got great reviews everywhere.

So if you want to get new albums but don't know what, go get Satellites from Vega4 or Brendan Benson's Lapalco.


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