Monday, August 25, 2003

when we were having drinks on saturday, somebody suddenly asked what my best night was. after 30 seconds i came up with an answer. it must be the night i was back home, playing a gig with me band, having all my friends there, got wasted and still remember everything, and basically had an amazing time. so far that gig is my last gig and i was treating it as such. i had fun, and it could be one of the best nights of my life. most other good nights i can hardly remember due to the alcohol intake.

friday we went to the beach party and now i'm starting to reap the benefits of going to 'football'. it's a social thing. saturday was fun, went clubbing.

alonso has made history. the youngest GP winner, first spaniard, etc etc etc. i just read that his birthday is the same as mine. no wonder i like this wonder kid. i've always seen something in him that reminds me of myself. if i was a formula 1 driver i'll probably be like alonso. and it has to do with sharing the same birthday i suppose.

oh well, life goes on...


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