Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Copy Control?

I just got Dave Matthews' Some Devil. I love this guy. DMB is a fine example how to make music sound so simple when it is actually so complicated. It took my band ages to figure out Ants Marching and that was one of the easiest songs. It's quiet a feat as well to find Dave Matthews' solo album here, since it's always late and they usually only get like 5 copies for the whole country. Wow, I am one of the lucky five!!

Anyway, when I went back to my car I put the CD in my CD player. Guess what? Nothing came out of the speaker. I had the same problem with Muse's Absolution. What a shame. My car is from 2001, but the CD player must be from 1987 or something. It can't read some copy controlled CDs and no CDRs as well. Maybe I should get a new CD player. Or a new car. But then I have to fix my car first. Oh well, I can use my portable CD player and hook it up in my car. Just to listen to Dave Matthews. Consider the fact that I only drive about 10 minutes per days, this idea is absolute bonkers. Oh well, I'll just listen to it here at work. Not much to do anyway.

This whole aftermath of the US F1 GP is still going on. I try to point out that Schumi passed Panis after a yellow flag, although not the same yellow flag as seen on tv. Posted it on the F1 mailing list and what I get back is "Whatever dude. Schumi did pass Panis before the yellow flag". How does he know that? I got my information first hand from somebody who was actually there, sitting in the rain at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And this dude who saw it on telly and a couple of pics thinks he knows better. I know it's not gonna change the result, I'm just fed up with these inconsistencies.

"Can I have a cigarette?"


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