Monday, September 08, 2003

It's monday morning and I'm tired as hell. So what's new?

Last weekend I went for my first tournament. It's the 5th Bourg d'Oisan Open Tournament, hosted by Monkey Foo in Bourg d'Oisan, Grenoble. If you want to know what kind of tournament it is, just google it. We left home on friday evening and got there around 10.30. The welcome party has already started and I was up for some beers and bbq. Beer is always good!

Saturday morning was okay. I played my first official game and it was pretty good. Even though I've just started playing 2 monts ago, I didn't do that bad. Unfortunately we kept on losing, but it's more of learning the feeling of playing official games, not just practice. That day we didn't win anything. At all. Although I did score some points. Four games in a day is pretty knackering. But I forgot all about the tiredness when the party was on at night. Lots of booze (tons of vodka mixed with weird stuff), music, joints, etc etc. I was totally wasted, high, and tired, which made sleeping so easy.

Sunday morning, that was tough. I was woken up at 9.30, which is the time of our first game. Luckily I didn't have a huge hangover, but it still made the first game really bad. Everybody was sleepy and tired. I just wanted that game to finish so badly. It did, and we lost. Again. Two more games left and we lost both of them. There was a shortage of players as well, not enough subs. But the last game was a good game. During every game we have about 10 minutes where everything seems to work well, but the rest of the game it's just bad. If only we are able to play the whole game like those 10 minutes then I'm sure we could do much better. Oh well, not bad for a first tournament.

We did win something though. Spirit of the tournament. Because we partied like crazy, was involved with everyone, played with other teams and because they all won against us... I'll be doing tournaments like these again.


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