Monday, September 29, 2003

Some people are really prolific when it comes to writing their blogs. Me, I'm just lazy. Everytime I log on, I have thousands of ideas to write, but when it comes to the keyboard only three paragraphs come out. Or maybe I have problems turning those ideas into words. Maybe? Probably.

Michael Schumacher won the US GP yesterday. It was a great race, unfortunately Schumi won it. Had it been Raikkonen or Montoya or Alonso then it would've been a classic. But because it was Schumi, it is business as usual. It'll be his 6th world title in two weeks time. I'm so bored of him, a lot of people are so bored for him. He should retire. I wouldn't miss him. He's just like Manchester United (and both are sponsored by Vodafone). The people with a real passion for the sport will hate them, while normal w*nkers will support them because they always win.

Friday I went clubbing with some people who I don't really know well. But you won't say no if there's a hot Swedish blonde in the group. Saturday cemented Dazed and Confused as one of my Top 10 movies.

"I need a drink".


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