Wednesday, September 10, 2003


I'm just wondering. Today's popsongs are instant songs. They become instant hits, but 3 months later nobody can remember that song. Compare that to the 80s popsongs, which are still around and even becomes the inspiration for nowadays songs. Is this a reflection of our society? An instant society, where people wants instant results and forget about it once they have fulfilled their needs. Quite scary innit?

Everyone who went through Michael Jackson's Thriller would still know the beat and words of Billie Jean, Beat It and Thriller. I wonder if the kids of today will remember Justin Timberlake's Justified. Hell, will they even remember Justin Timberlake at all? Same applies for Madonna vs Britney/Christina/Pink.

If it goes on like this, soon we'll only have one-hit wonders. And not even one-hit wonders like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, but one-hit wonders that only lasts 3 months. Just like now. A couple of months ago, Kelly Clarkson was the talk in the US. Two months from now, they'll all be "Kelly who?"


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