Monday, September 15, 2003

Spent the weekend in Amsterdam. Just for fun. Left at Thursday morning. The cab picked me up at 0525. Then it was sleeping until I got to my cousin's place in A'dam. Walked, hung out, drank, smoked up, etc etc.

Amsterdam is a nice city. Even though I'm on holidays, I can do a lot of stuff there. All my friends are there, I could go do some shopping, and the nightlife is much better than here. Friday night was a boys night out. Just me and my mate walking around looking at some good stuff.

Saturday we went to see Ajax. My cousin managed to get hold of Skyroom tickets, so there I was, watching my favourite team in the world from the skybox. The super VIP area. We had a small room for ourself, magnificent view and on top of that free drinks. I was just drinking and drinking. Ajax won 4-1 (against RKC) and they played superbly. Raffi is just amazing. He will be one of the best players in the world.

Later that night we all went to Fame at Sinners. Cool party. I was drunk but it was nice. The DJ was playing 80s/90s classic hiphop and it just couldn't get any better. I was having a blast and was drinking anything. At one point I was begging for someone to buy me a drink cause I had no money left.

Afterwards it was just quiet. Had dinner at friend's place and talked a bit. I guess someday I will realize that I am older. Not now though. I'm still enjoying myself.


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