Thursday, October 09, 2003

Bad Boys II

Some movies are meant to be long, over 2 hours. I'll happily watch Matrix Reloaded, Lord of The Rings, Apocalypse Now, even Jackie Brown which all run over 2 hours. But a Michael Bay / Jerry Bruckheimer movie? They tried it with Pearl Harbour and it sucked, how come they haven't learned their lesson and do it again with Bad Boys II??

In this movie, all that Bay & Bruckheimer want to do is blow everything up and make a huge box office. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are still there although seeing how they tend to blow things up, one must wonder why they are still cops. They would do much better work as a building-destroyer expert (you know, people who stick dynamite in buildings to make it collapse). Try counting how many explosions you see. It's just one after the other.

The story is simple. Two narcotics cops are looking for the biggest ecstasy shipment (from Amsterdam to Miami), find some clues that leads to Johnny Tapia and then they pursue him, blowing everything up that stands in their way. One twist is added with a undercover cop who happens to be the sister of one cop and the lover of the other. I just can't figure out why Bay & Bruckheimer need more than 2 hours to explain such a short story.

Of course, coming out of this movie my mate goes around saying "It was so good! I love it! bla bla bla". Me, I just wanted to be in one of the explosions of the movie cause it just blew my brains. Literally.


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