Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I have so much work today that I didn't even play football. That must be an amazing feat, because I never missed football because of work before. But I really had no choice whatsoever.

The weather is nice outside. Blue skies, no clouds and not too cold. Amazing, when you consider the fact that in all weather forecasts yesterday it said "big black clouds and rain the whole day". We can't even forecast the weather right anymore!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been voted the governor of California, replacing the recalled Gray Davis. Davis never stood a chance against Arnold. Just looking at both of them, Davis is the uber-nerd, the nerd that other nerds pick on, while Arnold is the famous jock. He harrased women and is still more famous than Davis. I think this is the only way Californians will be interested in politics: when it is played by a famous actor. Hopefully California will prosper under an Austrian with a thick weird accent and an unpronouncable name.

"snorting tequila?"


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