Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I'm sitting here bored at the office. The boss ain't here, so when the cat is gone the mice are partying. Well at least this mouse is. So I'm swifting through some blogs. It seems a lot of people have things to say out there. I'm starting to understand this guy who said that blogs are more interesting than soap operas (well duh, anything is better than soap operas).

I watched This Is Spinal Tap yesterday. Man that is one funny movie! It's definitely one of the best. And all the big rock stars seems to have something in common with Spinal Tap. When Derek got caught in the pod, it instantly reminds me of U2 being caught in their Lemon during their PopMart Tour. I think Bono even said something like "that was our Spinal Tap moment". Or when Jeanine takes over, that certainly happened to many bands (The Beatles anyone? with Yoko?). If you haven't seen it, go see it. Now.

Then I watched Matrix Reloaded and listened carefully to the dialogues Neo had with the Oracle, Merovignian, dan the Architect. The Oracle says that he doesn't have a choice because they know what's going to happen anyway. Merovignian says that choice is only an illusion because everything is basically causality, cause and effect. The architect says that there is a choice but it won't change anything. Neo knows that he can't do much about Zion anyway. So he chooses to go save Trinity because Neo needs Trinity if he has to do something for Zion. The choice has been made and the Oracle, Merovignian and the Architect know what will happen. We don't, Neo doesn't, Zion doesn't. And that is why I'm looking forward for November 5th to see Matrix Revolutions.

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