Sunday, October 12, 2003

It's amazing what a couple of Heinekens, three pints of Vodka RedBull, a double vodka lemon, three B52s and sippings from other people drinks can do to me. I was having a great time. Jumping up and down, shouting, talking, smiling all the way. Until I fell asleep that is. I was like a little kid let loose in an adventure park high on sugar. Can't remember if I did something stupid.

Woke up 0730 in the morning to see Michael Schumacher win his 6th world championship title. But he was having a horrible race and had to resort to his usual trickery. Braking hard in front of his brother, causing Half to spin a third time in the same spot. After the F1 race, there was the MotoGP race where Valentino Rossi bagged the world championship title with two races to go. It's his fifth title (1 in 125cc, 1 in 250cc, 1 in 500cc, and 2 in MotoGP). Comparing these two champions and they couldn't be more different. Even though Rossi dominates motorbikes just like Schumacher dominates F1, he is much more likeable.

Anyway, got to finish my books.


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