Monday, October 06, 2003

It's been ages since I've partied til morning. But that's what I did last Saturday. Some mandatory drinks at home, then the cafe to meet up with the others. The plan was disrupted a bit when there was a houseparty somewhere close, so we went there. Drinks everywhere, joints everywhere. So it didn't take us long to get in the mood. Drink up, smoke up my friend. Afterwards the remainders (including me) went to Weetamix to check out this english DJ called Terry Francis. He plays in Fabric. He did play good music and I was there clubbing properly in Geneva. How is that possible? Stayed til 0630 because I was hungry. Drove around for food but couldn't find anything at 7 in the morning so I just ate the normal noodles. Too bad the weather was lousy so I didn't see the morning sun. I have to do stuff like that more often. Go out to proper clubs and go clubbing properly.

The weather sucks. It's cold and freezing. You can see snow covering low mountains already, so hopefully skiing season starts soon. Yippee!!

It took me ages but I was finally able to change the headlight bulb.

"You having fun?"


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