Thursday, October 16, 2003

It's been a busy week for me and movies. After Confidence, This Is Spinal Tap, and Matrix Reloaded, yesterday I went to see Mystic River. First I wanted to see American Pie 3: American Wedding. But the people who wanted to go to that movie couldn't go yesterday and the one who wanted to see a movie says "No American Pie. I'm sick of those jokes. It's repetitive and gross." This is the same guy who loved Bad Boys 2 and Spykids. Go figure...

It turned out to be a good movie, Mystic River. Three kids with a traumatic experience hooked up again by one event. And soon one thing lead to the other. It looks like a mystery, but it's not, because it was so easy to figure out. It had more to do with the effect of one single event of those three kids and how it evolved during the years. And I wouldn't be surprised if Sean Penn gets a nomination for an Oscar. His acting was amazing. But I still like This Is Spinal Tap better...

My knee is totally fucked up. I tried playing football with it and it hurts so much. Oh well, I might go to the doctor next year or something. Not that I have anything against doctors, but a human body is able to heal by itself given the right conditions. I just have to rest my knee for a while and it should be okay. That's what the doctor will say anyway, so why pay a fortune for an advice I already know?

"you lucky bastard!


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