Monday, October 13, 2003

The package I've been waiting for arrived this morning. Now I can finally go see This Is Spinal Tap, one of the best rock-documentaries out there. Everybody's quoting this movie, from Nick Hornby to Kurt Cobain. That's why I just have to see it. I also got Office Space, the ultimate movie for the doomed working class guys, who are working a dead-end job just like me. Combine that with The Office and you have the real world, much more real than Idols or Fame Academy.

Last night went to see Confidence. A nice heist movie. A group of people, led by Ed Burns, are trying to make the ultimate con. The story was told in flashback. Jake, Ed Burns' character, is being held with a gun to his head and he has to tell his whole story about the con. But in the end I realized that we, the audience, don't really know whether he is telling the truth or pulling a con on all of us. I mean, is Lily (Rachel Weisz) really a pickpocket picked from the streets by Jake? Maybe she's been part of the group all along. How do we know that there was a Big Al? He was telling a story that would save his life, not necessarily the truth. The only truth was what happened in the end and from there we should conclude the story. So the joke is on you, audience.

"Are you joking me?"


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