Sunday, October 19, 2003

Saturday night was interesting. I was there sitting with my friend talking about life. It's the city and the comfort of it that makes me feel like a pig in a cage on antibiotics. I hope I can get out of this comfortable city. It's killing me slowly. I need some excitement, I need to be on my toes most of the time. Not just laying back half a sleep.

Afterwards ended up in Shakers. Weird club. The only club I can get in easily. Lots of people were there. Didn't have as much fun as last weekend.

I finished Michael Moore's Dude, Where's My Country?. I like the way Moore poses all these questions. I can see a clearer picture of USA now. The people with the power do not share the same vision as the majority of the country. And the way you get power over there is by talking with the loudest volume. So anyone who can scream outloud and frighten other ones, they will be in power. No wonder Schwarzenegger won the California election.

I must lift my hat for Alex Zanardi. He is truly a great man. Two years after losing both legs in a racing accident, he was racing again this weekend in the ETCC with a specially designed BMW. And he wasn't just making up the numbers, he finished 7th in the second race. He crashed out in the first race though. But it shows that even after such a horrible accident, he is still a racer. Too bad he didn't make it in F1. He is one hell of a character.

"sorry sweetheart"


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