Saturday, October 18, 2003

Thursday: frisbee, beer, caiprinha, fondue, wine, champagne, jacuzzi, shisha, weed. Add that all up and theresult is a huge fuckin' headache on the same night that lasted til Friday evening.

Duran Duran Greatest DVD
Just got me Duran Duran's DVD entitled Greatest. It's full of their videoclips, mostly from their fame days back in the 80s. I just looked at the clips, from Planet Earth to A View To A Kill when they were still the Fab Five. Duran Duran just received a lifetime achievement award from MTV for their outstanding contribution to music videos. And I couldn't think of anyone better in these days.

Just look at Rio. Here Duran Duran goes to Rio, get on a yacht and play with girls and money. It is more bling bling than current rapper music videos. P Diddy can spit out champagne, but in Rio they were spilling champagne as if it was nothing. All the rappers are showing of cars, Jay Z took it up one level by bringing in his yacht, but Duran Duran did that 18 years earlier in Rio. Women? Never a shortage in Duran Duran's videos.

You can call Duran Duran a boyband. It was to some extent. But they did play their own instrument and they wrote their own songs. Unlike current manufactured popstars who needs the help of Linda Perry, The Matrix, or The Neptunes. When boybands are just dancing and singing, Duran Duran was going deeper.

Union Of The Snake and New Moon On Monday had a story to their videos. It was weird but it compliments the song. Instead of seeing five pretty boys dancing around, you see five pretty boys as if in an Indiana Jones movie. For Wild Boys Duran Duran had a whole underground thing going on, closer to Marilyn Manson than NSync these days.

And of course you have A View To A Kill. The best Bond song ever. And Simon LeBon is the only one who can say "My name is Bon. Simon LeBon." The clip was one hell of an advertisment for A View To A Kill.

So it's great news hearing that these guys have reunited and are currently making a new studio album. Duran Duran is the reason why I love music so much. I'm looking forward for them.

"wanna get some porn?"


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