Friday, November 28, 2003

From Howard Dean to Bollywood Breakdown via F1 on snow

Yesterday after frisbee we were in the pub drinking our pints when suddenly the conversation shifted to politics. An english dude suddenly spoke to a californian about how Howard Dean will be the next president of the USA. He explained how Dean is using grassroot campaigning and the internet to gather mass, how Dean political stands are, and how he can defeat that Bush. Even though I'm not a US citizen, I checked out the websites and blogs (and added a blog to the sidebar). It looks like Dean is going undergroung, looking for the people who don't care about politics and ask them to go vote for him. This is a huge campaign and certainly different than what Bush is doing. If Soros joins Dean's campaign, well all the help from daddy and Jeb won't help Dubya. Here's hoping that Dean wins. Or anyone else besides that idiot Bush.

To Formula 1, is there a Williams curse out there? He might have wrote it for fun, but you cannot ignore the facts. Bad news for Juan Pablo Montoya then...

It snowed yesterday!!! Hurraaayyy!!! Can't wait to go up the mountains and do my thing (ie. fall, lie down in the snow, snowball fights, etc) on my snowboard.

Tonight will be my first gig as dj evilboy. I'll be playing at this party

You gotta start somewhere now do you?


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