Monday, January 12, 2004

Burger & Beer

Sunday was the usual "hang-out-in-the-cafe" and then the "burger-and-beer-in-the-pub". The burgers are really good at the pub. Wash it down with a pint of Heineken and I'm all set for a new week.

Manchester Utd vs Newcastle Utd was showing on the telly in the pub. Newcastle deserved a penalty when Tim Howard tripped Alan Shearer in the box. Shearer had the ball and Howard only caught Shearer's leg. The ref didn't give it, probably because Shearer fell down a bit too easy. But then again Silvestre's goal should have stood as well. He did nothing wrong. Oh well, that's football and it wasn't the greatest of games anyway. I just needed some distraction while sipping my pint and waiting for my burger to come.

I'm borrowing Futurama season 2 from my friend. It's really funny. I guess in some ways I'm a bit like Fry (although with Bender's drinking habit). If The Simpsons is about a dysfunctional family (which is now the norm in most societies), then Futurama is about the dysfunctional office (which is where I work).

It's another boring monday at the office. And the weather isn't helping at all (rain, wet and cloudy). Can't wait for the weekend to come again...

"Is there anything worth looking for? Worth loving for? Worth lying for?
Is there anything worth waiting for? Worth living for? Worth dying for?"


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