Monday, March 01, 2004


I was cleaning up a bit today because my cousin is coming tomorrow. Then I realised how better my living arrangements are compared to my previous appartment. The pictures you see are from my old appartment. As you can see it was quite messy. But that's just me. I don't like cleaning up, never did and don't think I ever will.

As you can see, I used to live in a one-room appartment. Everything was within reach, which makes it easy. But the lack of storage room means that everything has to end up somewhere, or in this case, everywhere. But I really like that place. It has great view (it was on the 6th floor) and a cozy feel to it.

My current place is much bigger. Twice as big actually with more storage room, so I can get rid of all the useless stuff. All I need to do is throw those empty beer bottles out once in a while. Usually when it comes up to 30 bottles, then I start throwing it out.

If only I was famous and MTV passed by to check out my crib, I would love to bring them to my old appartment and show it with all its glory. I would go, "On your right you have my bed, full of clothes (not sure whether it was dirty or clean). In the corner, my computer and books. In the middle is the 'entertainment' center, with CDs, records, and all the other stuff to keep me happy. Over there a dining table that I never use, which is full of junk. Oh, and watch where you're going, you might step on an empty Heineken bottle."

Yes, you can say it. I am a pig...


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