Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Czech Rep 2 - Latvia 1

Suprise! Latvia took the lead after some stupid egoistical act from Milan Baros. Merkapopvis (or whatever is name is) tapped the ball in just in injury time of the first half. But the Czechs replied by scoring two goals in the second half. From this game it looks like the Zermans can be beaten by the Latvians.

HOLLAND 1 - germany 1

It is supposed to be the match of the tournament but hopefully we'll get to see both teams play each other again in the semis or something.

Frings (or Lahm) on the sideline gets the ball, Heitinga comes to him, Frings clatters around and falls.
Frings steps up and takes the free kick which went straight into goal/
Van der Meyde steals the ball, gets it and sends a cross in to the center. Ruud van Nistelrooy flies and volleys a shot past behind Schwarzenegger, eh, Kahn, and scores.
Holland draws 1 - 1 with Germany.
"Holland should've won it. If only Advocaat knows what he wants from the beginning. F*cken Zermans! (me)

Come to think of it, Hollans always always start slowly in big tournaments...


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