Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Oh Grow Up!

A friend of mine called me up yesterday after she read my blog entry and asked me "What happened in Amsterdam? How much did you grow up?". I told her nothing happened in Amsterdam, except for partying, and that I grew 1 cm. I wonder why she had to ask me whether I've really grown up a bit or not.

Isn't life a constant process of growing? As a kid you grow physically and as an adult mentally. Even though I still act like a kid, my body is an adult, so me too I should be growing. Everyday. Don't know how, don't know what. It's not a process you can stop and not something you can compare day to day. But sometimes, you just realize that you have been growing up.

Remember when you're a kid. You measure your height everyday. Obviously your height won't change overnight, but if you compare the marks between two years ago and now then you can see that you have indeed grown. Same goes mentally and it is constantly happening to all of us. You as well.

I guess I just needed somewhere else, some different place and different people (although still dear friends) to realize that I have grown up. A bit. Not much. I mean how grown up can I be when I still did a couple of - what some people might call - 'irresponsible' things?

Growing up should be fun.


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