Sunday, September 05, 2004

Just because...

I believe a week ago it was the MTV Video Music Awards. Five years ago, I would have made sure that I was in front of a telly to watch the show and also tape it (I still have a couple of VMAs on tape). Just because I was a pop culture junkie/whore. But now I realize MTV is a load of crap, so I can't be bothered anymore. Just reading this minute-by-minute play is enough to ensure me that I haven't missed anything out. Actually I did miss the Spree on MTV VMA, but I'm sure I'll see that on the telly soon (my telly only shows Eurosport or MTV - even though I don't like both channels).

Local weather news: It's f*cking hot. Just when everyone thought that summer is over, summer decides to pass by late. Very very late. It's the first weekend of September and it more than 30 degrees outside, all blue sky and scorching sun. Man, where was summer when I needed it (ie. July-August)?

Had a movie week. Last sunday watched Office Space on DVD (very very funny), monday watched The Bourne Supremacy (very very shaky), wednesday The Village (very very M. Night Shyamalan), and today watched Girl Next Door (very very every 18 year old boy dream come true).

What else? I heard Robbie Williams latest song the other day. Man, that sucks. I guess leaving Guy Chambers was a bad career decision. But knowing Robbie, he'll probably have a big song in his new album somewhere. Let's just hope he realizes before we do...

I just need some sleep. And a cold shower.


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