Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Sang Som Similan International Rum

Last weekend was the last weekend of the Swiss National Championships. Won 2 out of 3, overall winning percentage of 60%. Not bad for a team in its first year in the league. The weather was pretty nice and it was fun to have dinner all 30 of us.

I took a bottle of rum with me for the party. Imagine me, a bottle of rum and lots of players. It was fun and for a change I didn't get totally hammered. I did get a bit typsy, mind you. Although the national championship is over, the season is not over yet. Next weekend Viareggio, end of October Barcelona.

I watched The Terminal yesterday. A Spielberg movie about a guy who gets stuck in an airport for months - based loosely on a true story of a guy who gets stuck in an airport in Paris for years. Tom Hanks plays Victor Navorski, a guy from nowhere who can't get out of JFK airport. He just sits there and waits. And waits. And waits.

This movie was beaten in the box office by Open Water, a movie about two divers who were left by their boat and had to wait in the sea full of sharks. Sort of like The Terminal, but if I have to choose I rather wait with real sharks than wait in Spielberg's airport. In other words: The Terminal sucks.

"Find me and follow me through corridors and factories"


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