Thursday, October 14, 2004

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A movie written by Charlie Kauffman and directed by Michel Gondry. There is no way in the world I miss out on that one. I've been raving about this movie for ages and it should have been out for ages as well, but it only came out here yesterday. So with high expectations I went to the cinema to watch this movie.

I love Kauffman's works. Being John Malkovich and Adaptation are just clever scripts, making it possible to make sense out of a wierd movie. And with Michel Gondry as the director, you know you will get some magic. Gondry has shown his magic in several music videos already.

Jim Carrey is Joel Barisch who wakes up with some sort of memory loss, as if he had a huge night out the night before. While going to work, suddenly Joel went to Montaux where he met Clementine. And suddenly it becomes a relation. Now while this relation is blooming, the next thing we see is Clementine looking at Joel as if he is a stranger. At first you'll probably be confused, but it turns out that the movie is not in a direct timeline. To make out the timeline there are several references to St. Valentine's Day.

Turns out that Clementine had erased Joel from her mind and Joel is set to do the same thing through a company called Laguna Inc. But while the guys from Laguna are erasing Joel's memories of Clementine, he realizes in his mind that he doesn't want this memories to be deleted. A chasing game ensues within Joel mind which ends in a weird but logical ending.

No wonder that this movie got rave reviews. It's an outstanding movie which makes you think, not feel. And in the days where movies are trying to make you feel and not think Eternal Sunshine defintely stands out. I Wouldn't be surprised if Kauffman gets another Oscar. Even Jim Carrey is worthy for a nomination - although he has probably given up on that hope. And Gondry, well he will go on and achieve great stuff.

"Talking all the time is not a form of communication"


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