Friday, October 08, 2004

Gmail by Google

I got a gmail account. Nothing to be excited about actually. The big thing is (was) that they were giving out huge email space. 1GB of email space is huge compared to hotmail (2MB) or yahoo (6MB). The downside was that Google will go through your emails in gmail and look for keywords so that they can send 'targeted' marketing emails (read: spam).

Some people have problems with this and cite 'privacy issues'. For me that's just a load of bollocks. Go check your hotmail now, it's probably filled with tons of junkmail, mostly related to the sex industry. Now what you see in hotmail is 'untargeted' marekting email. So I rather have 'targeted' marketing emails than porn/junk spam. And with laws like Patriot Act, nothing is private anyways.

The huge space for me is nothing. I pay to pop yahoo and now I get 2GB of space in yahoo. Which actually defeats my purpose of popping it. I pop it to save space on yahoo, so I pay. After I pay, I get 2GB of space, which makes the popping obsolete. A Vicious circle.

Anyway, I have 6 invites for gmail, so if you want a gmail account let me know (leave a comment, send me an email, send me a sms, send me a letter via post, send your owl, telepathy - whatever suits you).


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