Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I'm looking outside the window of my office and all I see is rain. It's wet and grey. Typical October weather and definitely the kind of weather that I hate. I hate it I hate it I hate it!

Last weekend it was still really nice weather. On saturday afternoon I still managed to sit outside and have a barbeque with a couple of mates. And on sunday I was still able to walk around in the mountains with only a t-shirt (no jackets) and not feel cold at all. Could this be the impact of the USA getting out of the Kyoto agreement?

Well, as long as it's nice weather next weekend in Barcelona.

At the moment I'm hooked with Football Manager 2005. It's the next version of Championship Manager and I've been playing the demo everytime I'm home and in front of the computer (which is the time I spent at home not sleeping).

If you're a fan of Shrek and F1 then you will like this website: Donkey Does F1.

"The end has no end..."


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