Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Enigma of Desire

I was in Barcelona from Friday afternoon until Tuesday for the Porro Open 2004. It was amazing, the weather was beautiful, the tournament was good, nice people, in short: a fuckin fabolous time for me!

As usual, I had my share of adventures and these two particular stories seem to make everyone laugh.

I came to Barcelona on Friday around 5, took a bus and went straight to town. I was looking for Placa Reial because there is where we should all be meeting up later. It took me a while but I finally found it. I looked for the youth hostel so that I have a place to stay for the night. I went into the youth hostel and apparantly it was full, they didn't have any beds. But the guy offered me a matras on the floor - which was fine for me. I took up the offer and he told me that it was 12 Euros but didn't ask for any money yet. I put my bag and said I'll come back later so I dashed off without paying the guy anything.

I had some food then went up to meet people at the bar and came back to the hostel around 2 and a bit drunk. I just took my bag and went straight to the matras and slept. The next day I took my stuff and gave the key to the guy at the counter. I noticed a sign there saying "15 Euros deposit for the key". I was expecting to pay the 12 Euros price per night, but instead the guy gave me 15 Euros back for the deposit that I have never given him and he didn't charge me the 12 Euros. So as any good guy would do, I said "have a nice day!" and ran off with the 15 Euros. Basically I got paid 15 Euros to stay at the youth hostel.

The second story involves alcohol and stupidity. On Sunday night we went to Bar California. Drinks were cheap and the bartenders were very generous in pouring alcohol. So around 3 I was already a bit wasted (a bit means really really fucked). A group of people decided to go to a discoteca so I just followed suit. I went into the club but couldn't figure out what was inside. It was dark and round. I just walked around and saw a podium. Next thing, I was sleeping on it. The bouncer came up to me, woke me up and directed me outside the club. I was kicked out of the club! For sleeping in it!!!

Oh well, I decided to walk back to the hotel. Not far away from the club I saw a churreria where they sell churros. Some greasy food when drunk is always a good idea so I put up five fingers asking for five pieces of churros. The guy said something in Spanish which I didn't understand at all. I just went "Si!". Turns out he was selling the thing by hundred grams so he gave me half a kilo of churros. And when drunk and hungry, you just eat whatever is in front of you. I ate the lot and went to bed. The next day my stomach (and my head) made me realise that eating half a kilos of churros is baaaaad...

"We got the juice, we got the fire"


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