Monday, November 22, 2004

Fast Food Nation

I finished reading Fast Food Nation the other day. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an anti-McDonald's rant. Of course if you think of fast food, you automatically think of McDonald's but that is not the author's intent. He just wanted to show the readers what is behind the whole fast food industry. After reading this book, I still be eating McDonald's. Actually I'm craving it a bit now. Hmmm, maybe McDonald's for lunch.

Anyway, Eric Schlosser has given a really deep insight on how the fast food industry works. I now know how the fast food industry uses teenagers as their majority workforce because they are cheap and expendable. How there are tons of artifical and natural flavors in the burgers (artifical and natural flavors are both artifial by the way). How the cattle are being raised and slaughtered and how inhumane a slaughterhouse can be.

All that in the name of profit. Bombard the kids with advertisements and they all come running to McDonald's. No wonder people are becoming obese. In a culture where being lazy is rewarded, then obesity is the result.

I still won't say no to McDonald's but I will be more careful of how I eat it. Don't eat it too much, don't give in to the advertisements, and it seems that all my happy meal toys have a value. Only need to find a buyer on e-bay.


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