Monday, December 06, 2004

Race of Champions

I went to Paris for the weekend to watch the Race of Champions. If you like motorsports then this event is not an event you would like to miss. Seeing Michael Schumacher racing it out against Sebastien Loeb is always a nice sight. And of course seeing Heikki Kovalainen take that special title: Champion of Champions.

Paris was very cold. When I was sitting in the Stade de France it was freezing. And stupid me, I forgot my hat in the hotel. At that moment I wished they have done it in Gran Canaria (where they did it in previous years) because it is still nice and warm out there.

On sunday I went to the Champs-Elysees to watch the Ferrari parade. At first I thought the police would block the road about an hour before the event. When I came out of the Metro at 10.30 (when it should have begun), the traffic was still as usual. Until suddenly a police bike came out and moved the traffic out of the way. Then people started pouring upon the streets. Police bikes came again to push people out of the way to let the Ferraris pass. And just a couple of minutes behind the Ferraris was normal traffic. Amazing and unbelievable how the French police dealt with that.

Before we went back we passed Lafayette to look for some jeans. Turns out to be a nightmare as everyone was doing their Christmas shopping. Too many people!

On another note, the more I read Planet Simpson the more I realize how smart that series is. I need to get season 4 of The Simpsons.

"Stop talking French, it's room eighty-one right?"


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