Friday, December 10, 2004


A recent traffic study showed that Geneva tops the Swiss traffic jam chart. This means that people driving in Geneva are stuck in traffic jams longer than in any other city in Switzerland. Lausanne came second and Zurich came third.

It's no surprise actually that Geneva has lots of traffic jams. There aren't many roads to go from one side of the lake to the other and there are a lot of motorists. What did surprise me is the amount of time people are stuck in traffic on average over the past year. 5 hours. That's it, five hours. Three-hundred minutes.

And of course the Genevoise complain about this traffic. About spending five hours per year in a traffic jam. It's only five bloody hours!

Back home I once spent five hours in a traffic jam in one day. That's right, in one day I spent five hours in traffic. Stuck. And here they do that in a year. No wonder I like driving around here, traffic jams are hard to come by.

For people who live here, by now they should now that driving on saturdays is usually cause for traffic. Also a bit in the morning. Or when they are doing some roadwork. But for the rest it's safe from traffic jams.

But 5 hours? Come on... That in my experience, my friend, is nothing.


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