Monday, January 10, 2005

Snowboarding season has started!

Yesterday we went skiing/snowboarding in Les Contamines. Contrary to popluar belief, it was really nice up there. Fairly good snow, no queues, and bright sun in the blue sky. It was lovely lovely lovely. It was a good day to start the season.

On Saturday we went to see Ocean's Twelve (second time for me). A bit to brag about dampkring and Amsterdam. There's a bit of surreality in it when Julia Roberts' character Tess pretended to be Julia Roberts. How wack is that? She gets paid millions to do what? To basically play herself. Man, I can do that.

Other pop culture stuff: I've been watching The Simpsons Season 4 on DVD. After reading Planet Simpson by Chris Turner I now have this feeling of having to watch The Simpsons and look out for the pop-cultural references in it. Actually, not just pop-culture but whole society as is. The Simpsons is indeed the perfect allegory to our ailing society. Want to know what is wrong (or right) in our communal society? Go watch The Simpsons and you'll find it.


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