Wednesday, January 26, 2005


The weather has been amazing the past few days. On Sunday it snowed like crazy. I woke up seeing all white around where I live. Apparantly it hasn't snowed like that since 1985. I went to my girlfriends place and walked around and it was just beautiful snow. Driving around is another thing though.

The snow is still on the streets although it is starting to melt. But now we have winds. Winds that makes your bones ache. Strong cold wind. All I hear now in my office is hhhvvvwwhwvvhwhwvwvwhwwvwvwhwvw made by the wind everytime it passes the windows. It sounds painstakingly chilly.

Oh well, it is winter after all.

Apparantly the weather is going mental all around the world. Lots of snow in Europe, lots of snow in north-east of USA, torrential rain in Saudi Arabia, rain in Indonesia, etc etc. Yes, it's all because of the greenhouse effect and what we are doing to the environment. Can we fix it? Not as long as people like Dubya quit treaties like the Kyoto Treaty on environment. Not as long as Americans guzzle up petrol using their big bad SUVs. Not as long as we realize that we are indeed damaging the world we live in.

Scientists around the world are screaming about this weather change and how it will ruin the lives of generations to come, but since it doesn't affect people currently living on Planet Earth, people tend to brush all this aside. Well, if my grandkid will be living in an environment that is not healthy or suitable for humans he can only blame me. And you ofcourse.

"You haven't been paying attention"


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