Wednesday, February 09, 2005


So my car has reached 60,000 kms. That means a big service. I took my car to the garage and when I came back to pick it up they had changed the brakepads, a brake disc, some stuff on my passenger window, changed all the oils and filters, done the usual check but didn't clean it. It was a big shock to see the total cost though. The amount of money I had to pay to the garage could pay me a week trip to the Carribean. Yes, it was THAT much!

On another note, it was Shrove Tuesday yesterday (or Mardi Gras in French). That means pancakes. I don't know this pancake tradition though and only started it last year when my friend invited me over for pancakes. This year again.

What else? Got my PS2 the other day and started playing Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Just driving a car in GTA while listening to the different radios they have is satisfying. It's more than enough. I don't even feel like beating up everyone I bump into or doing all the briefs. All I wanna do is drive and listen to the music.

"These are the things I could do without"


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