Monday, February 21, 2005

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

When I got my PS2 (courtesy of a nice F1 team) I bought two games. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Both are great games. I like football so PES4 was an easy choice. I always preferred Konami football games over EA Sports because the play is more realistic. I'm playing a Dutch league right now with Ajax and am winning everything but the level is still at two stars.

As for GTA:SA, well, so far it's an amazing game to play. It promotes violence like nothing else. You play an African-American who goes back to the hood and slowly but surely becomes a gang boss in a city with lots of gangs. It's the ghetto and it's obvious that it's based on LA and the Blood vs Crips gangwar. The districts even sound like LA districts. Canton (Compton), Idlewood (Inglewood), etc. Then there is one character who looks exactly like Eazy E from NWA, complete with the cap and sunglasses.

The music is excellent and I love to just hijack a car and drive around for ages just listening to the radio. The city in the game is so big you can be driving around for ages. Also the character building in the game is excellent. CJ came in as nothing, and you have to dress him up, make him buff, get some tattoos, eat, etc to gain respect and sex appeal.

You can even play a video game inside this video game. Some sort of meta-videogaming.

I'm still in the early part of the game (can't seem to kill those damn Ballas in Sweet's Girl) but I'm enjoying every moment of it. If you only have enough money for one video game, then get this one. It's a good way to let go of all the daily frustrations life gives.

"Situation is sereeeoouuuus"


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