Thursday, March 17, 2005

Josh Rouse, Idlewild, Athlete, The Futureheads

Last Tuesday the package from Amazon that I've been waiting for came in my post box. I ordered 4 CD's from Amazon UK: Nashville, Warnings / Promises, Tourist and The Futureheads (by the artists mentioned in the title above). I couldn't find these albums here so I resorted to Amazon with good result (and a good price - it was cheaper ordering them from the web than getting them in a store here).

On the same day I bought Moby's Hotel. So 5 new CDs in 1 day. Yippee!

Out of the 5, Josh Rouse's Nashville stands out. His previous album, 1972, was dedicated to the 70s and had that spirit in the songs. In Nashville, he seems to be happier, more uplifting. Too bad he is so underrated.

Idlewild's The Remote Part is one of my favourite albums. It rocks, it's mellow, it fits all moods. With Warnings / Promises they are a bit chilled and doing an R.E.M. out of Time. But still, these guys are worth listening to anytime.

Athlete is hitting back after the success of Vehicles & Animals. In V & A they sounded like college kids having fun, now they sound more mature, more introspective. They're also trying to fill the gap that Coldplay is leaving before their new album comes out. And it works.

The Futureheads are from England and play as if they are stuck in the 80s. Not Duran Duran 80s but more like Madness 80s. Can't imagine it? Go listen for yourself.

And Moby is back, this time without samples. He is playing all the instruments. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Good thing is that he's not doing Play again and is not going anywhere close to his punk days in Animal Rights.

All I need now is The Bravery, Jem and Brendan Benson and March will be complete.


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