Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lloret de Mar

Last weekend was spent in Lloret de Mar, about 60km north of Barcelona. There was a nice beach ultimate tournament and I'm always up for a long weekend in Spain.

Lloret de Mar itself is a very touristic place. It's also where they host the Rally de Catalunya. It attracts all cheap tourists from everywhere, mostly Portuguese. In summer it crawls with Dutch and Germans. Unfortunately it seems that the development of this tourist trap is coming to a halt so it it attracts only cheap tourist going for a weekend of boozing and partying. Not that I mind boozing and partying though.

The tournament was great fun, we won 7 out of 9 (a record!). Partying was good (and unbelievably cheap) in Hollywood and Magic Park. Getting to Lloret de Mar is a bitch tough. I landed on Barcelona airport at 20.00 and got to Lloret de Mar at 23.30 even though it's only 70 km away from the airport. Unbelievable.

I was supposed to fly out on Monday night but on my way to the airport I got a SMS saying that the flight has been cancelled due to weather problems. So there I was waiting in line in the sales counter in the airport trying to get a new ticket. It took ages, but after that it meant another night in Barcelona. I headed straight back to Placa Reial and bar hopped with my team drinking Sangria all over the place singing Volare in French.

A nice weekend indeed. Next weekend: Canterbury, Kent.

"Donde esta la discoteca?"


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