Sunday, April 17, 2005

April Snow

Two weekends ago I was sitting outside in my shorts, fully enjoying the spring sun. It was around 20 degrees and very very lovely. So you can imagine the surprise when I peeked through the window last night to see snow fall down. And the horror when I woke up and opened the curtain to see a layer of snow!

It's mid April and it's snowing like crazy. It feels like January, it's 0 degrees outside and fuckin cold. And I already cleaned all my winter clothes, stored them nicely in my cupboard. Now I have to take them out again and wear them again. What the fuck is that all about???

I guess we only have purselves to blame for the weather change. Deodorants, refrigerators, SUVs, they all contributed in one way or another to the climate change and one stupid country decided to pull out of the Kyoto Treaty. Oh well, prepare to tell your grandchildren that we used to have 4 seasons. It seems that the grandchildren will experience hot sun one day and then snow the next day. Poor kids.


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