Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Talampaya was a great weekend although it rained on Saturday and Monday morning. But the vibes were great and it was a wonderful tournament.

Saturday night I DJ-ed. Before I played I downed some absinthe, something I don't think I'll ever do again. Even though I played well afterwards I was sick. It's not a nice sensation being drunk on absinthe. No wonder Vincent van Gogh cut his ear off while high/drunk on absinthe. At least it did magic to my DJing as everyone was bouncing up and down.

Sunday night costume party was awesome with cool costumes from all over the place. A castle, a dragon, hobbits, orks, you name it and if it has something to do with medieval, it was there.

As for the playing itself, the team didn't do bad at all. Finishing 18th out of 32 is much better than 32nd out of 32 (what we did last year). The team is getting ready.

Unfortunately something happened to my iPod while I was DJing so now I am iPod-less. It's hard. In exchange I have a bike now. Although I'd rather have an iPod.

And I saw Star Wars III: The Revenge of The Sith last night...

"I'm feeling hella good so I'm gonna keep on dancing" (mixed with Lola's Theme)


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