Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Long weekends

Last weekend felt like a vacation for me. The weather was uncharacteristically nice. Usually it's shit weather during the weekend,but last weekend was an exception. It was close to boiling, it was that hot.

I took Friday afternoon off from work to enjoy the sun. I also had to sort out some diving stuff and there was a football match which I almost scored in. Unfortunately the ball hit the bar. We did win 6-2.

Saturday I went diving in the lake here for the first time. Although visibility was bad (about 1m) I enjoyed it immensely. I didn't go deep or anything, just testing out the water and environment in the lake. There was actually nothing to see. After that had a barbeque at a friend's place, resulting in me being drunk. It was nice though.

Sunday was invited to a birthday bash of the children of my friend. Nice food and nice weather. Sat on the beach afterwards.

Monday was a day off as well for me and I went to Lausanne for lunch. Passed by a diving shop to get a nice BCD and also passed by IKEA to get some nice looking useless crap that you can only get there.

Because of the weather it did feel like I was on vacation.

And now I'm getting ready for another one because I have Thursday and Friday off.

Ah, the benefits of a socialistic society...

"It was an honest mistake"


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