Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Dear iPod

As written in a previous post, two weekends ago I broke my iPod while DJing. Not sure what happened (I was under the influence of absinthe at the moment) but I couldn't turn it on. I tried everything, from following the steps on the support page to banging the thing. It still didn't work.

Frustrated I was contemplating buying a new iPod. Then I remembered the warranty and was thinking of going back to the store where I bought it from and asking for a replacement. But that involves a lot of hassle and swiss bureaucracy. Then I remembered the Apple support website. I went there and there was an option for repair. So I filled in a repair request form and in a couple of days a prepaid UPS package came to my door.

I put in my iPod, dropped it off at the UPS office and this morning I received a brand new iPod. Woohoo!!! How's that for after sale service? I don't need to pay anything, not even shipping charge. So tonight I will charge my iPod again with all my songs, I can buy music from iTunes again and from tomorrow I will be fully functional again.

It's true, but it's really hard living without an iPod.

Oh, and if you ever want to buy scuba diving equipment go buy it at It's almost half price from retail price and I ordered some stuff on Sunday and got it on Tuesday. Totally recommended.

Tonight, AC Milan vs Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League final!


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