Monday, May 09, 2005

Thunersee and St. Prex

Last weekend was a long weekend. Thursday was a bank holiday and only fools went to work on Friday. At first we wanted to go to the South of France and do some diving / sightseeing there but it turned out that on Friday we had to stay here.

So Thursday we went to Lac Thun instead, a two hour drive from here. There we dived in the lake. It was a nice dive, a bit cold. Also a bit deep as well. Hitting darkness is still uncomfortable for me. I guess diving in nice tropical seas is a different planet from diving the lakes around here.

And then on Sunday we dived in St. Prex. Just me and my girlfriend. It was a nice dive. The visibility was great, it was an easy dive and it was just great. The nice weather helped as well as it wasn't cold when we came out of the lake. A nice pint was the reward after coming out.

Oh, and Team America: World Police is hilarious!!!


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