Monday, May 23, 2005

Treasure hunt

Friday morning my girlfriend called me up asking where the clue for the treasure hunt was. I told her where it was and later during the day it was on. At 17.47 she found out we have to go to Boudry so I got an oxygen bottle and we went there. Kit up and jumped into the water before the sun sets. We searched for about half an hour but to no avail. At times the visibility was so bad I could barely see my buddy. So we got out and had some fondue afterwards. That night we were dead tired.

Woke up on Saturday and got a call again. 4pm at Boudry. We got there, kit up and jumped into the water again. This time we found what we were looking for. Got out and went to another diver's home to have some raclette. It was very nice.

Watched the Monaco GP on Sunday which turned out to be an eventful race.

Watched Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Again. Man, Hayden Christensen definitely needs some acting classes. He's more wooden than Pinochio.


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