Monday, June 13, 2005

Caribana 2005

And here it begins. The start of the music festival season. With Caribana at Crans. A small and lovely festival to prepare ourselves for the bigger ones. And with names such as Moby, Natasha Bedingfield and Morcheeba playing, it's a good one as well.

Moby was the big name playing on Wednesday. In fact for the first time in it's 15 year history is Caribana starting on Wednesday. Normally it's Thursday. It was weird seeing a big star such as Moby play this small festival (limit is 5,000 people). But he was having a blast and so did we. He sang and played most of his songs and did it with the energy that you expect from Moby. The new arrangement for Natural Blues was really good. Hopefully I can get hold of that version.

Then on Saturday I came to watch Natasha Bedingfield and Morcheeba. In spite of always being compared to big borther Daniel, Natasha actually is able to prove that she is an able pop star. She does have the looks and has a voice to go with it as well. And on top of that, some of the tunes are catchy as hell. All the ingridients you need to become a famous pop star. All she needs is more songs, because singing Maroon 5's This Love to get the crowd going is not what I wanted to hear. She might as well sing some of her brother's stuff.

And then came Morcheeba. For some, Morcheeba is almost identical with Skye. Apparently, Skye left Morcheeba and the Godfrey brothers looked for a new vocalist. They found one in Jodie and she sounds almost just like Skye. Unfortunately Jodie is very shy whereas Skye used to ooze with confidence. When Skye was singing "I thought that you were wise, but you are otherwise" it feels like she just stabbed a dagger into the heart of the guy she was hoping for. When Jodie sang the same line, the effect wasn't quite like that. I'm sure that Jodie is an able vocalist, it's just that the shoes she is filling are huge.

All in all Caribana was a blast. Nice ambience, good weather, nice caipirinha's (very strong, very recommended) and good music. And on top of that it's so easy to get to.

"Lift me up, lift me up, oh la la la la"


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