Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Bravery / Kasabian @ Montreux

[caveat: this post is backdated. I wanted to post it a day after I saw the show but didn't because of my blog problems and the lack of time. Now that I have time I'm posting it]

Last night it was Pop N Punk night at the Montreux Jazz Festival. The Bravery and Kasabian were playing, with The Others and another band playing before them. We got there in time to see a bit of The Others. I thought that they were good, but all they were was just noise. Dominic Masters - the vocalist - is a buddy of Pete Doherty and he does look like another crack addict, skinny with a whiny noise. The Others are nothing special, I still prefer The Libertines (although it seems like it's the end of it already).

Then came on The Bravery. These 5 lads from New York totally took on the 80s revival that is going on. They had the hairdo, the swagger, and of course the music. At points they sounded like Duran Duran, other times they sounded like U2 in the 80s. Sam Endicott (pictured) is a good frontman. However, when they came out it seems that they hadn't done a checksound, the sound was all wrong. The mixer must had a nightmare adjusting the sound in that first song, it sounded all horrible. Luckily by the time they played An Honest Mistake and Fearless the sound was all good.

Rumour has it that The Bravery has been made up by a record company because of the success of The Killers. They were even given songs to play. Sam Endicott was in a ska band before sporting white dreadlocks. On stage it does seem that they have not been long together since the chemistry doesn't look to be there. Maybe it is true, but who cares. Even in the 80s, the bands were manufactured anyway.

And then came on Kasabian. These 5 chaps from Leicester have been together for a while and you can see it on stage. Serge Pizzorno, the guitarist/vocalist, is not actually the frontman but clearly he wants to be. He was singing a few songs and he seems to be the chick magnet in the band. The sound was sharp and the music was good. Most of them were danceable music and when they played LSF the whole room was dancing. They also sound a bit 80s although more late 80s (even early 90s).

Two good acts at Montreux and it wasn't even a full house. I was enjoying myself and only got home at 2.30. When I woke up today, I thought "Oh what the hell, I'll call in sick for the morning". LSF is still playing in my head together with Fearless.

Ah, oh come on
We got our backs to the wall
Ah, get on
And watch out
Sayin', "You're gonna kill us all"


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